A pirate fantasy rpg roguelike where you search an ever-changing island for elusive treasures.  Explore a dangerous landscape, combat foes, and decipher clues to unearth the island’s mysteries.

Play the free demo in the browser here: https://eternalsandsm.itch.io/the-elusive-isle

Neural Wetwork is a sci-fi / horror action roguelite with gun customization inspired by Aerlum.  This was mainly just an excuse to work in a 2d environment and practice pixel art.

Play the free demo in the browser here: https://eternalsandsm.itch.io/neural-wetwork

Aerlum is a 3v3 competitive arena FPS.  In this futuristic sport, players each have the same 1 gun which serves as a power customizer, behaving not just like any gun, but practically any energy-based ability.